Monday, June 29, 2009


So, here is how our conversations with Noah go just about every night.....
Noah: Mommy, where is Wowrel (Laurel)
Mommy: She lives far away
Noah: She's comin' to see me
Mommy:Hopefully baby, we are praying for that
Noah: What does she say??
Mommy: (knowing Laurel can't talk b/c of her deafness) I don't know baby
Noah: Mommy, she says "Hi Noah"
Noah: I want to be her friend

Out of the mouth of babes!! Noah is definately teaching me daily what "child like" faith really is. We really haven't told Noah about him getting a sister yet, we just pray for Laurel and he sees her picture up. It seems almost too much to ask God for to have her hear & speak but Noah doensn't think so.
Funny story, today we were getting all of our things notarized and I couldn't get the people to come to the door so I was standing outside of their house wondering what to do. A very Godly lady came walking down the street towards me. We call her the "Brownie Lady" around town b/c she brings brownies to lots of businesses and tells the people Jesus loves them and she prays for them. I love this lady. She asked what I was doing and I told her getting Laurel's paper notarized. She knows our adoption story well and she said "sweetheart, she's gonna hear, we're praying for that". Ahhh that FAITH again!!

Tonight I faxed my paperwork to our coordinator to look over. We are only missing 2 papers which hopefully will be here this week. I know we'll have some corrections/additions/subtractions but we're getting close...... I just know it!

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  1. I'm praying that NO corrections will have to be made!!!