Monday, June 15, 2009

Yard Smell....

So we all survived!! (I think. I haven't heard from Kathy this morning to see if she lived :) I have to give a gigantic thank you to all our friends and family who helped with the 2nd yardsale for Laurel. Especially to Darlene who acted as our interpreter. We couldn't have done it without you!!! We worked until 11pm Friday night to set up and then back up at 5am to open at 7am.

We were nervous at first b/c it was slow but then boy did the people come....and come. It was so amazing to hear so many ladies stories about how adoption has touched their lives in some way. I had a lady talk to us in tears about her giving up a baby, a woman who was adopted herself and so thankful to her birth family, a Grandmother who introduced us to her 2 year old adopted grandaughter. The encouragment was unbelievable!!

So how much did we make (drumroll please).... $700. This was great b/c since it was only about 1/4 much stuff as the previous one I was only hoping for about $300. God is so faithful!

As to the title of this blog... Yard Smell.... While setting up, we all kept smelling this smell. It was never in the same place or with the same person so we decided we just all stunk!! Needless to say a shower was well received at the end of the long, hot day. Of course I forgot my camera b/c I've been working on it getting ready for our trip to PA this week but I got a few on Larry's camera so I'll post them when I can.


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  1. YAY!!! I'm thrilled you raised that much!!! I have some "Touched By Adoption" bracelets left over from our yardsale if you are interested in selling any to your family and can keep the profit for your adoption. Let me know! I paid 50 cents a bracelet and was selling them for $2 each. We made an extra $150 just from the bracelets!! Let me know! ~Hugs~