Wednesday, June 3, 2009

So What's New...

Well, we are offically knee deep in paperwork. I wanted to let everyone know a few prayer requests and some praises!!
Requests: 1.) We have our Medical updates on Thursday. Please pray for things to go smoothly and for us to remember everything we have to have him put on the form. Please pray that Martha's TB test does not pop up wierd (like it usually does) so I won't have to go get chest xrays.... no I do NOT have TB but for some reason my skin hates the test.
2.) Due to a few things missing in our homestudy we will have to have an amendment. Long story short, we are going to try our old agency one more time to do a quick amendment so as not to spend $2000 on a full homestudy again from another agency. Please Please pray that they will get it done QUICKLY and efficiently.
Praises: 1.)Praise God that one of my friends also adopting through Reece's got her homestudy "issue" fixed!!!
2.) Praise God that people have been open to putting out the jars with Laurel's face and situation on it at their stores and businesses. People have been donating but more importantly people have been adding her to church prayer lists!!

Thank you Mrs. Pam for bringing the blog not allowing commments to my attention. Hopefully that is fixed now. If not please let me know!


  1. I'm just checking to see if I can leave a comment...yep, guess it worked:)

    Praying for y'all!!!

  2. Keeping you in our prayers Martha and hoping everything goes smoothely. :) -Crystal

  3. Seems weird to read about your adventures getting paperwork for this part of the world. I swear that aside from the home study, it's a lot of the same things we had to do for residency (you had to get fingerprinted and a police report, etc, right?).

    The only advantage you have is having an agency to do a lot of it for you. Oh, and doing the medical exam in the US is probably a lot nicer, too. No stripping down to the buff in front of some girl so she can verify you don't have syphilis! ;-) Anyway, it's just interesting to me to see that the adoption paperwork is similar to the residency stuff. Good luck with it all; we'll be thinking of you.

  4. B&J- One would think an agency would do the paperwork for you but that's another story... we are doing it all. Oh and as for the medical exam part.... there is an embarrasing story in that too. So, all in all it sounds about as bad as your stuff! :)

  5. Humbling yourself for the sake of a child, whether it be an adoption or an adoption into the Kingdom is a wonderful thing! I appreciate all your families and what you are doing. (M&M,L&R,B&J,)Praying!