Monday, June 22, 2009


Nothing really new to report unfortunately. We have been out of town since Wed. and are behind on paperwork. I am picking up my medicals (which had to be redone) tomorrow-Tues. and hopefully they are right. Wednesday we get our State Police Clearances. After that, the only thing we are waiting on is our letter from our homestudy agency showing they have a license under NC law. Hopefully that will come this week. I am getting things notarized Wed or Thurs so I can send everything off to our coordinator to see what if anything needs to be redone. Our goal is to submit sometime next week but Backyard Bible Clubs are this week so my time is a little short. Please remember to pray for Laurel (and Lydia's Tori) as these babies are just waiting for all this red tape to get their forever families.


  1. We're praying. Wouldn't it be great if the Lewis Family and the Wells Family could travel together to pick up their girls?

  2. Lewis? What's mom talking about? I was wanting to travel with the EVANS family, but oh well:) We are still trucking along- hoping to mail our completed dossier the early part of next week.

  3. HAHAHAH!! That made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!! I needed that right about now! :)