Monday, July 6, 2009


Oh My! Dare I say it....... PROGRESS??? NO, you must be joking!! I just checked my email and our Marriage Certificates (which we had to reorder) are scheduled to arrive TOMORROW 7/7!!!
This is a HUGE deal b/c it's the last piece of the puzzle to complete our Dossier.!!!
Tommorrow I will: Fax our coordinator our: Redone (three times now) Rental Agreement, Agency License, SBI fingerprints and our Marriage license!! All of our other documents have the go ahead so these are the last 4. If they come back ok tomorrow then I will get everything Apostilled at the Secretary of State on Wednesday and hopefully off to Ukraine on Thursday. PLEASE pray the Sec. of States office will accept all of the documents just as they are. Either way it's PROGRESS. Thank you Lord for making our paths straight to this little girl. WE'RE COMING LAUREL!!

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