Sunday, July 26, 2009

Anxiously Waiting

Lots going on at our house. First, HOPEFULLY our dossier will be submitted today to the SDA. Yulia was translating it this past week and said she would do her best to submit today (Monday). We haven't heard from her so no news is good news right ??!!

Second, I have to share a HUGE praise with you all. We have had buckets sitting out with Laurel's pic on it and our information on it for a while now at some gas stations. We've done pretty well and gotten about $300-$400 with it. Mike put one out on Tuesday at a local gas station and the women working there have really gotten behind our cause!!! So far in less than a week, we have gotten $665!! We were shocked. Also, a little boy made his own bucket with her picture and our story and took it to a local concert to try to raise money. These people don't even know us but they believe in adoption and rescuing these kids. We are so blessed.

Third, I'm asking prayer for a very special friend who is also adopting and suppose to fly soon. The region where her daughter is is in turmoil right now and this threatens their plans to fly and get their daughter. PLEASE pray for the region, the children and peace.

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