Monday, April 5, 2010

Little Miss Priss

I have the ultimate prissy girl. I swore I'd never have a prissy girl yet I do..... and strangely, I LOVE it. She is so much fun to dress up and I love to watch her get excited about pretty things. Now don't be fooled. She can roll in the mud with the best of them but she does like to dress up.
What's going on in Laurel's life you say?? Well, I'll fill you in.
Monday we had our spinal MRI to check on her Chiare Malformation. She showed no problems with her spine. He brain MRI does show a Chiare 1 Malformation but no other problems exist in the brain or spine. We are going to do a repeat MRI in 6 months just to be sure, otherwise she should be good to go unless she starts getting severe headaches. The Neurosurgeon really thinks this was just an incidental finding and nothing will come of it. Praise God!
We have made the decision to stop signing to her in order to see what she really understands. THis is so we can make an informed decision about Cochlear Implants. Since we've done this her verbal language has really picked up. It's not real clear yet but she talks now more than gesturing and can says tons more words than she could when we were signing. We start her speech therapy Wed.
As to behaviour, well let's just say the orphanage behaviour is gone. By that I mean the compliant, whatever you say goes little girl that was afraid we'd send her back if she disobeyed. Not anymore! :) She's definately an Americanized 2 year old with fits and a will and all. Which, even though it's tough, I'm glad to see this "normal" behaviour from her. She can throw a right good fit to get her point across. So, we are working through the "terrible twoes" and strangely happy to see them.
Anyway, that's the update from here. More updates after my sisters wedding this weekend!


  1. she looks so beautiful! so glad to see her! we are almost ready to send our dossier! can you believe I am going to be mother of NINE!?? or possibly TEN?

  2. why did you spell behavior the European way? Because is looks cool!

  3. Hi Martha! Oh how I just love these photos!!! She is growing into a beautiful littel girl! When are your appointments at CASTLE? We go Wednesdays at 12noon. Our therapist is Lillian. Things w/Maria are going much better, so I feel I'll be ready to take her out soon! I will let you know and contact you to get together!
    love, Michele

  4. PS I don't see Laurel's hearing aids in the photos?