Thursday, April 15, 2010


We LOVE to fish!

My sister's wedding is over so life may begin again. It was perfect, beautiful and lots of fun. We loved seeing long lost friends and relatives and catching up a bit. It took us a few days to recover though. Laurel's weeks are still very full with therapies every day except one. She is making progress everyday with her language and even today making a new "g" sounds. When I drop her off at her preschool developmental therapy she now cries for me not to leave her. A great sign that she actually cares who she stays with now but it hurts my heart to leave her. The teacher says she stops crying within a few minutes-and I only leave her for an hour! When I picked her up Tuesday the therapist told me she "had trouble with adult authority!" I had to laugh. You think?? She 2 years old and has all this new found freedom and HATES to be told No. We decided it would be best to have me leave her at her Thursday Therapy for 1 hr so she could take orders from someone other than me. She did great there today! So, we are just working on some tantrums still. On a really positive note, she and Noah have really started to play WITH each other instead of around each other. They are actually getting the communication thing and talking to each other which isn't easy with a hearing impaired child with no language and a 3 yr. old boy who doesn't stop moving! Something I've tried to work on a lot.
So everyone, enjoy the beautiful weather and get out and have an ice cream cone!We sure are.

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