Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Little Ponderer---- NOAH


So, why the long time between updates?? Well, I'll tell you just a little........ Laurel now has therapy 4 times a week, Rach is getting married in less than three weeks, everyday stuff and we as well as half of our church has the lovely NoraVirus which makes you wish you were dead. Awful, Awful stuff but hopefully we are on the mend!
As I start the journey of raising two children I am still amazed at how different personalities can be. While Laurel is impulsive, wide open ALL THE TIME.... and why wouldn't she be?, Noah is usually the opposite. He is more reflective and loves to ponder. He's a very happy child but really enjoys his down time. Ughhum..... a lot like his Da Dat! Sometimes it gets too quiet around and I go find him just watching birds quietly. Strange? Maybe but I love it. I love the fact that he sees beauty in everything. He can identify many birds just by their whistles. He wants to know why the sun and moon come up. He gets excited when he finds a beautiful flower to pick for me. So if pondering helps him put this big world into perspective then so be it.
Funny Noahism of the week: Noah was rambling around in the refrigerator.
Me: "Noah what are you looking for"
Noah: "I want some Chocolate"
Me: "Do you want me to make you some hot chocolate?"
Noah: "No Mommy, I want some REAL chocolate"

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  1. Happy Easter! What?? I love hot chocolate! LOL.