Monday, March 15, 2010

This is how Laurel sleeps (hands over her eyes)
First time petting a donkey

Her Elton John glasses at the Museum
Digging for Dinosaur Fossils

Taking the train
Exploring the Museum

Laurel had her first visit to one of our local Museums. Check out my other blog to see what all we did. She had a great time and did really good. Only a few minor meltdowns due to missing her nap. She loved seeing the animals and would sign or say all the ones she knew. I love letting her experience new things. She is soaking things up like a sponge. Her therapists are really pleased with her progress. She has her deaf/hard of hearing therapy on Mondays. Tuesdays now we go to a local preschool and her Developmental therapist helps her learn to interact with her peers and vice versa. We also are adding group speech therapy to her schedule on Thurs. to help her with this further. So it's Pretty Crazy around here right now. I know it will all slow down soon. Also, Tuesday she will get her first real Speech Evaluation so we'll hopefully have a direction to go with that soon.
Thanks for checking up on us and hopefully it won't be so long between updates again!


  1. Martha - I don't know HOW you find the time to update these blogs. You're making me look bad! You have two kids and I only have one and for the life of me, can not find the time to udpate it. Sigh. Life I guess. I'll get around to it soon. In the meantime - the kids look so happy! And it seems like Miss Laurel is moving right along - all in good directions (unless driving)! It was very uplifting to me to take a break today and check up on your wonderful, adorable babies and Michael's Blog (he should write a book). Hope you guys are feeling better!