Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So we started our day early to make it to Laurel's Audiology appt/hearing test and an appointment with the ENT. She basically flunked the hearing test, not because she couldn't hear so much as they really couldn't condition her to tell them when she was hearing or feeling something. She wasn't interested enough in the flashing lights and animals to care if she was feeling something. They said it was very typical of a 2 yr. old to want to run around and not sit and watch the lights. Anyway, so here's the good news....... The ENT examined her and saw fluid behind BOTH eardrums. Also, her right ear (which is the ear we think she can hear a little out of) is completely ocluded (hope that's the right word) with ear wax. I know that fluid behind the ears is not usually considered good news but to us it may be an answer to prayer. The Dr. said that best case scenario is that we get tubes in her ears and she be able to hear immediately. Now, we aren't counting on that but we can always pray!!
He also said that even if she has NO hearing whatsoever that they would still be able to do something to help her. He has patients that are completely deaf and have 2 cochlear implants and can hear and have normal speech. Who knew! He really is an advocate for getting her evaluated as quickly as possible, finding out exactly how severe her hearing loss is and why and then getting her fitted with a hearing device. The major reason he wants to do this quickly is because she is so young and in order to help language development it is critical we do this by 3 yrs. He was so positive about the whole situation and actually said "don't worry, we will help her hear!" PRAISE THE LORD. Thank you all for your prayers and don't stop praying.
We scheduled the sedation hearing test for the 21st. They will put her under general anesthesia and then do an indepth hearing test. Then they will put tubes in her ears if they still think it is necessary. We will find out that day their recommendations as where to go next to help our baby hear. So......... that is all for now. Next up, we are meeting with our Developmental Coo. from the CDSA on Friday. Then her 2 yr. checkup and shots next week. The next week will be insane. She has an Eye appt. for her Strabismus, then she gets evaluated by the CDSA, then her sedation. All in the same week. Poor baby, but she is a trooper.


  1. oc·clu·sion (-klzhn)
    a. The process of occluding.
    b. Something that occludes.
    2. Medicine An obstruction or a closure of a passageway or vessel.

    Martha, right word! Praying that it is just fluid and wax, that would be wonderful. Either way, the Lord is her healer and he knows and holds Laurel.

  2. I'm praying for you! We are on week 6 of being home and it is JUST starting to slow down, so hang in there! Now we are only doing serial casting every two weeks and have two surgeries scheduled in the future- one this month. Then the holidays should be relaxed and FREE!!!!! I'm really excited and anxious to hear how Laurel's hearing study goes and what tubes will do. Did you know that Lauren lost 50% of her hearing when she was 2 1/2 and as soon as we did tubes she started talking and hearing perfectly!!!

  3. Good luck with the tubes and hearing tests! We have lots of friends who have cochlear implants (check out Drew on the links of my blog- he has bilateral cochlear implants, is profoundly deaf, and is doing really well). Our little guy has a moderate loss, but with fluid he goes into the severe range (we've had two sets of tubes, lol).

  4. Martha, this is great news!!! And I just love the pictures of Laurel that you post. I would love to have the contact info for your audiologist, if that's OK. Praying for you all over the weeks to come!
    Love, Michele