Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Mmmmm..... chocolate cake!!
Big brother giving Little Sis her birthday present

Laurel with her new baby stroller, and diaper bag
Here are some pictures of Laurel's first birthday home. We had Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles over for a small party. We sang to Laurel (don't think she heard us) but she looked cute. Noah had to help her blow out her candle. She couldn't quite get the hang of it. We got her a baby stroller with a baby doll and a diaper bag. She pushes that thing everywhere.
Laurel had her 2 yr. shots and check up today. All of her titers came back great which means that the orphanage did a great job with her shots and her immune system took all the shots well. She needed 5 shots to get up to US standards so she had 3 today and 2 in a month. She also had her TB test today. All of her other bloodwork came back perfect..... except she's a little anemic.
Anyway, the day was pretty tiring for little girl. She melted down and went to bed with a slight fever at 6:30pm. I find myself missing her when she's not around.!!


  1. Ahhh....all that chocolate! Girls just love their desserts, and the holidays are not far :) I'm so happy to hear all the tests are coming back without any surprises. God Bless, Michele