Monday, October 12, 2009


Laurel at 1 yr. old
Laurel when she was born

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREL!!!! Today Laurel turns 2. I had to post some of her Ukraine pictures. The top one is when she was about 1 yr. old. Sorry it's blurry but we were shown it at the SDA and were allowed to take a picture of the picture but not take it. The bottom picture is of Laurel and her adoptive "Babushka". She worked at the orphanage and was SO good to Laurel. She taught Laurel to shake hands and cried when she left. She told Mike that she was a good child. We prayed for Laurel even before we knew her that God would send someone into her life that would show her love. This sweet lady did that. We are also so lucky to have her baby picture. It also had to stay at the SDA but they graciously let us take a picture of it. 2 years today Laurel was born. She was born "Anastasia" and only at 30 weeks. She is a fighter let me tell you. She wants to live and thrive and Mike and I will do everything possible to help this little girl do that. It is her 2nd birthday but her FIRST real "birthday". Tonight we'll have a small party with cake and will celebrate her and Noah's birthday's together in a few weeks with a bigger party.
When we found Laurel, my dream was to have her here by her 2nd birthday. I cannot believe it really happened and she is sitting here on my lap as we speak. God is so good and His plans for us are GOOD plans. We are so blessed to have Laurel as part of our lives. Happy Birthday my baby girl! We love you.


  1. Awww! Happy Birthday Laurel! I'm bringing you your very own gray kitty whose name may or may not be Frank...

  2. Bonne Anniversaire, Laurel!!!! What wonderful pictures and a beautiful post by a joyful Momma!
    Love, Michele