Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tea Parties & Muddy Feet

Laurel & Noah LOVE a good tea party these days. We have one at least twice a day. With or without snacks, they don't care as long as the "pot" is full of water. It's just easier to clean up that way-they aren't picky.
Where to start with Miss Priss?? So many milestones in just the past week. She really has hit a new level of attachment and being comfortable with my leaving. Usually she melts down if I leave her with Mike for even a short while but not any more. She kisses me and tells me bye and goes on with it. Also, she has gotten so much more friendly to other family members and her therapists. She even hugged them this past week. She has always been bright and friendly but a little cautious. I truly think she knows now she is staying with us forever and isn't worried about going back.
Also, Laurel is sick for the first time since she's been home (4 months-not bad). She is definately a snot factory and has trouble sleeping b/c of her congestion. As usual, she takes it with a smile.
Her language is still coming along wonderfully. One of her therapists this week said she really didn't think she needed a Cochlear Implant. She is babbling constantly, her voice tone has changed (it actually has inflections now), she will mimick any word and is trying to read to us now!! Hopefully it will keep coming along and she will become understandable to everyone. Smart little girl.


  1. I knew she was a little smartie!

  2. I Love the last pic. of her. She's such a Beautiful girl. I hope that bruise on her chin isn't where she fell down our stairs. :( Jacob keeps asking where his best friends are, and that he loves them :) So sweet! Hope we get some snow and hope to see you guys again soon. Crystal

  3. She's as cute as she can be! That fourth picture would make a great album cover whenever she and Noah decide to form a band. :)
    Glad the hearing aids are making a difference!!