Sunday, January 17, 2010


Look who got her ears pierced!! Last week Rachael and I took Laurel to get her ears done. Yes, Yes, I cleared it with her Dr.'s who said "Go for it!". Laurel is such a girly girl and constantly tries to put on my jewelry and wear my earrings. Guess what color earrings we got?? Pink of course (her birthstone). She cried for a minute and then we gave her a peppermint stick and she was fine. The lady who piereced her ears actually cried herself! Anyway, they look good and Laurel loves them-no problems.
Hmmm..... what else is going on in our lives?? Laurel has therapies twice a week, on is Developmental Therapy and the other is through Deaf and Hard of hearing which works on listening and speech. Laurel had 11 new words last week which is really good. This week, probably due to a sinus infection, she hasn't really tried to talk a lot and has been pretty cranky and clingy. However, last night she said "bed" very clearly. I really think these hearing aids are working for her.
As for her Chiarri Type 1 Malformation, we got word on Thursday that the UNC Dr. has ordered a spinal MRI to see if the malformation could be caused by spinal pressure. We have a call in to her Ped. to discuss this but will probably have to do this in March. I wish we could have done all this when we did her brain MRI b/c she will have to go under anesthesia again but we didn't know the malformation was there. Oh well, hindsight and all! She'll do fine b/c she is such a trooper.
Anyway, today on the farm after very hard rain these two beautiful rainbows appeared. It was such a wonderful reminder of God's promises to us and that he will never leave us to walk our paths alone. Thanks for reading!!


  1. Martha - how fun - the earrings! And those two rainbows - oh - how could you not just know God is walking this right there with you all! Praying for discernment on the upcoming appointments and decisions for Laurel. We met Jo Ann from NC Beginnings - lovely woman - she mentioned you to us :) Was happy to tell her we are email pals!
    Thinking of you often. Love, Michele

  2. Adorable earrings. Sophie is such a drama queen I havent done the ears yet. I just think she will fuss and fight having it done. too much previous trauma, I cant bear to do it knowing it will make her cry. I had both my other girls ears done when they were babies. (My MIL nearly shot me because I put holes in the baby)that baby is 5 now and ADORES wearing her earrings! you better believe the minute Sophie starts asking about getting her ears done I will be in the car finding somewhere to do it! lol at this point she doesnt seem to notice.

  3. ps tell dadat he needs another daughter. one with dark hair and a big smile. we saw him with (baby)laurel(we always call her baby laurel) and he is such a good daddy, he so needs another daughter to dote on!

  4. I love the little twig of hair sticking up!

  5. Awwwww she is such a cutie!! I adore the little pony tail too!

  6. Laurel is beautiful! We adopted from RR too-- and I was wondering if your daughter has Spina Bifida?