Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Hi! Everyone out there in blogger land. I am asking you all to pray for Mike and Laurel over the next 3 days. Tomorrow (Thursday) Mike has to go get Laurel's passport (which is hopefully in Kharkov!) Then he picks up our daughter from the orphanage. There is a small kink in things in that our driver cannot get MIke to the orphanage until almost 5pm which is too late to get her. So, Mike is trying to work something out elsewhere. Anyway, once he has her, they will be getting on the nighttrain at 11pm to Kiev. They will arrive in Kiev at 7am on Friday. They will then have a whirlwind of day getting her medical check and getting her Visa. HOPEFULLY we will be able to get her visa the same day and Mike will be able to fly out of Kiev EARLY Sat. morning. If so, he'll be here at 7pm!! I can't wait!! So please pray all goes well and Laurel is in a decent mood and her ears don't hurt her too badly. The journey is almost over (hopefully).


  1. Will definitely pray! Can't wait to meet your daughter!

  2. Praying Martha!! So happy for you to welcome them home!