Friday, September 4, 2009

Blessed beyond Belief

Have you ever felt blessed beyond belief? Yes, I am home and Mike is still over there waiting out the 10 days and all the rest of the details to bring Laurel home. She has yet another ear infection and hasn't been easy to deal with the last few days. Please pray that this will heal before the plane ride!!

Anyway, back to the Blessed beyond Belief. Monday night I boarded a night train in a foreign country and rode all night by myself. That morning my transportation to KIev met me exactly where he said he was going to. Praise the Lord.
I then navigated my way through a horrible airport, not speaking a word of the language and managed to get through customs, find my flight and get on the right flight. I did this with 3 connecting flights and made my way home!!! Home back to the BEST country ever!!! Praise the Lord.

After arriving home here is what I found..........
1. A beautiful, dream come true built in t/v cabinet which hides all of our junk so little fingers can't break anything, made by a wonderful friend.
2. Nice freshly cut yard
3. A full refrigerator!
4. An adorable bed for Laurel and all the bedding
5. Someone had fixed a leak in my roof
6. A powerwashed porch
7. Someone had fixed, rewired, put salt in, and cleaned out my pumphouse!!!!
8. A sparkling clean house
9. And I'm sure a whole host of other things done by wonderful people that I will never know about.

You all have blessed us and enriched our lives. Each and everyone of you are a part of this journey and we are forever grateful!


  1. Wow, wow, wow is all I can say. You did it; you're so brave and strong. I feel for Mike being over there and w/ Laurel having an ear ache. No fun. I thought I saw all your lights on the other night so I'm glad to check your blog and see that you're home. I will be heading to China in 2 weeks ALONE. I know I'll be thinking, "If Martha can do it, I can do it!" I'll try to stop by and visit now that Eliza is in school. I'm glad you're home safe. I told you it would be humbling. We do live in the BEST country. Didn't you just want to kiss the ground when you arrived at RDU?! -Sarah

  2. Martha, what an awesome God we serve!!!!!! You are surrounded with love and blessings! So happy for you!
    Love, Michele