Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Many Faces of Laurel

The "I've been in Mama's Makeup" Look
The- "Sweet Innocent" Look-don't be fooled!

The "Orphanage" look-This was her look when we met her

The "Don't mess with me, I'm zoning out"-look

The "Cute as a ladybug"-Look
The "Too cool for school" look- Just look at that pose
Laurel seems to be over her cold, thank goodness!! Boy was she grouchy. However, she's been resisting wearing her hearing aids since the cold so I hope she doesn't have fluid in her ears. I've been taking some pictures of her and she's really picking up on smiling for the camera. So, not too much else to report here- enjoy the pictures.


  1. She really is the cutest little girl ever.

  2. Laurel is so incredibly cute! (Love that smile) I'm glad to hear she is finally feeling better.