Friday, August 28, 2009

Almost There

Just a short update from this part of the world. Laurel seemed to feel much better today. She was a wild child the first part of the visit and then got sleepy. The signing seemed to click a little more today. She saw a cat and made the correct sign for it over and over. She followed that poor cat for 30 minutes making the sign. She also made the correct sign for car! We are definitely going to have to learn some new sign language.
We attempted to visit a history museum today. The downstairs was about as small as our house and you had to give tickets every few feet. We had 8 tickets to give just downstairs. Then we went up to see military stuff and there was this huge deal that (we think b/c we couldn't understand Russian) the ladies downstairs had torn the wrong tickets and they wanted us to go get 4 more tickets so they could just tear the "right" tickets. Not a chance. We got fed up and left. Oh well. We settled for an ice cream cone from McDonald's and a walk by the river.

Tomorrow the cleaning lady comes to clean our apartment. We'll see Laurel in the AM and probably do a little souvenir shopping.

Love to all,
Martha & Mike

PS: We just found out Laurel sucks her thumb. She was really tired today and did it. Too Cute.


  1. Love that picture of Laurel and Mike; so sweet. Looks like it could've been taken right out on your farm or across the street around the pond with all the wildflowers behind them. Wonderful to hear that Laurel is getting more comfortable and trusting by showing her personality and also picking up on the signing. That's great! Glad to hear all is going well. Sarah

  2. p.s. School started back in session last week and the lovely DOT/WCPSS had Allie's bus stop at your neighbor's driveway on James Slaughter (the driveway right next to your's). They expected a 13 yo to walk from our house, down Herbert Akins and along James Slaughter to pick up the bus. And forget about where her parents were supposed to park if we drove her. Keep in mind, this is at 6:20 a.m. Fortunately, I appealed it and got the bus to pick and drop off at our driveway again this year. Crazy!!

  3. It seems so natural..everything is falling in to place. Keep posting photos - they are wonderful! How awesome that she's signing so well!
    Love, Michele, Adopting Morgan

  4. Oh what beautiful photos!!!!! And yay for not understanding the language and being told you can't have something:) I went into a store wanting to pick up my favorite daily treat. There were six left and I pointed to one. The lady told me "Nyet." I kept insisting, I had been getting them every day for a week. She refused to let me have one and I have no idea why. Maybe she thought "fat american woman needs no more treats."